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Saturday, 31 December 2011

A (Quickish) Catch-up

Golly gosh!  How long has it been since I blogged last?!!!

Apart from having a few problems gaining access, only one or two things have happened that might be of interest...but mainly the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, in September.  
Robert, two ladies, and Paul Connell
Each year seems to just get better and better as we make more friends and get to know more people.
Kelly and Ian Charleswoth, and myself
Martin Salter from the Jane Austen Center
Tiny Castle of the 33rd Cornwall Regiment
This year we were able to meet up with Scott and Jo, who are also from Lincoln, and who we'd got photos of in previous promenades, Rhiannon, who I'd got to know via the Jane Austen Festival Facebook page, and Aurora, who is a friend of Scott and Jo's.  
Scott, Aurora, Jo, Robert, and Rhiannon
The only thing that did slightly spoil things this year was the weather, as it was quite a bit cooler, and we had some light showers, so there were as many umbrellas in evidence as there were parasols!

On the Tuesday, following the Promenade, Robert and I headed back to Bath to meet up with friends for a picnic in front of Royal Crescent...where Eileen joined us for a short while during her lunch break.
Later on, Aurora and Justin joined us.  It was time to pack up when the first spots of rain began to fall, so we took the stuff back to the cars then headed up to the Fashion Museum...
Aurora and Joanna

Cramped display
I wasn't too impressed by the way they displayed all the beautiful historical garments, calling this section 'Behind The Scenes'...they were all crammed into small, ill-lit alcoves so you couldn't see the items at the back.  

Before we left we had a quick wander around the Assembley Rooms...

When we left the Assembley Rooms it was raining.  Aurora and Justin left us at this point, and we headed back to the cars and proceeded to follow Scott and Jo back to their campsite, at Stowford Manor Farm, for afternoon tea.  

The traffic was quite bad, and we ended up losing sight of them, but we knew where we were going as we'd passed the farm and campsite on several occasions previously.  By now the rain was quite heavy...

We arrived at the campsite to find that Scott and Jo hadn't...they must have taken a different route.

What a lovely place!
So quaint, and we did enjoy our cream teas, which is why there were no photos...we were too busy! 
Mr James

Mrs and Mr Read

So there you have it...a (not so) quick update.  

Nothing much else to report, I'm afraid...oh, my mistake...we did go to the Christmas Market in Lincoln, meeting up with Scott and Jo and some of their Steampunk friends!


  1. I love your photos Sandi, and its great to see a blog from you :):) Happy New Year :) x

    1. Thanks Val...I really must try harder, mustn't I!

      Happy New Year to you too...X

  2. Glad you had a good time despite the weather!

  3. Every time I see these photos it make me think "this looks like so much fun!" I know making the costumes is a lot of work. I often thought about getting into something similar here....
    Looks like everyone really enjoyed themselves!

    1. Sharon, you'd be surprised at how many events there are near you, it's just a matter of getting to know where the Jane Austen or similar things are via online and FB friends...that is how we have got to know about events here.
      Good luck..X

  4. It's nice to see you back here Sandi, although I have a look now and then in FB, I find it's a bit too elusive and if you don't keep looking in every half hour, the thread's lost. but you've more than made up for it with this blog, super explicit pictures, and you have done the whole spectacle justice, Jane Austen would have been proud I'm sure.

    1. Hi Arlene...I really must get back into blogging, as we will have more going on this year...Horncastle Regency Festival, Newstead Abbey, Jane Austen Festival, plus newly discovered steampunk events like The Asylum, here in Lincoln.

      Looks like I am going to be busy this year! :-D

  5. Cracking set of photos, Sandi. Looks like a good time was had by all.

    1. Hi certainly was!

      I am going to try to make a lot more costumes this year, as we are now into steampunk as well...then there are items to be made for my Etsy store, so I must get organised!

  6. It's a particularly british thing to be able to have a good time in the rain (through nessessity often). I think an umbrella would go fine with the period - this cut and paste from Wikipedia proves it. Kersey's Dictionary (1708) describes an umbrella as a "screen commonly used by women to keep off rain."
    Happy new year Sandi

  7. Happy New Year Sandy...yes, umbrellas were part of Regency life, as Captain Wentworth said in Persuasion that he was already equipped for Bath, showing Anne his umbrella.

  8. Sandi, I do apologise I only just picked this up through your comment on my video, I didn't think you blogged any more. It is a lovely post and the costumes are so authentic, What a lovely hobby you have, I think you might sometimes wonder what era you live in, or what one you'd LIKE to live in.:-) I can guess. Thank you for your comment on the video.

    1. So much for blogging more often, and keeping up to we are in the middle of March already!
      Note to self: MUST TRY HARDER!!

  9. No problems Sandi, I know it can be difficult to keep it up, I've been on FB for a while with my dog groups, and got drawn in more than I'm happy with, so I'm pulling back from it as I find my blogging gets left behind, you just can't do it all.