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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Preparing for the First Horncastle Regency Festival 2012

Promenaders in Bath last September
As I mentioned in my previous post, Robert and I attended the First Horncastle Regency Festival in May.  The weather had been anything but good up until then, but surprised us by being bright and sunny...perfect!

A couple of years ago, Ellen, the lady who organised the festival, did attempt to get it started, but only managed to have a costumed ball, which was a success.  This year the full three days of events were also a total sucess.

For once, Robert and I were going to need more than one costume each, so I started looking at my stash of fabrics, and tried to decide what to make.  Robert needed new trousers and waistcoats, and (if we could find suitable shoes and stockings) also a pair of satin knee breeches.

My first priority was to make a petticoat to wear with my promenade dress, as it kept on clinging round my legs.  A petticoat is necessary to keep the shape of the dress, especially if it has tucks or small frills around the hem.  As I didn't have a pattern for a petticoat, I had to use Sense & Sensibility's Regency Gown pattern, and adapt it for my own use...and this took me four weeks!!

I tried on the Promenade dress with the petticoat, and it made a big difference to the way it hangs, as does the flounce I have added to the hem.  The only problem is...I still need to lose weight!!
Dress worn with petticoat
Time was running out, and I still hadn't made myself anything new.  Robert's  new waistcoat was all but finished, but still needed the buttons and button holes.  The new trousers were no further along than cut out calico.  I was also halfway through making him a new cotton lawn shirt, and starting to you do!
New shirt, neckcloth, and waistcoat
As for my costumes...the petticoat and promenade dress were it!  (I have some scraps of the maroon stripe fabric left that I can use as trimmings, when I get around to changing the bodice, and making a spencer to go with it).

All I could do was wear the dress with or without the chemisette, or spenser, and change my jewellery and accessories for slightly different looks...but next year will be different!!
Next post - Horncastle Regency Festival 2012  


Yet Another Catch-up!!

Well, as I said last much for keeping up to date with blogging!

Now I have got to tell you about the Horncastle Regency Festival, a Frenchy and the Punk gig, the Victorian Weekend at the castle with the 3rd Foot and Mouth, the Festival of History at the castle, the Asylum, the Jane Austen Festival, and the Louth Victorian Market.

Events to look forward to are the Christmas Market, the Lincoln Steampunk Christmas meal at Widow Cullen's Well, and Steampunk at the Seaside in March. 

As you all know, the beginning of this year was pretty damp and miserable, and we were fearing the worst as May approached.  I was mad sewing woman again, as I attempted to make Robert a new shirt, neckcloth and waistcoat.
New shirt and waistcoat


Robert's pompous look

A ballgown for myself never got finished, as I took so long over Robert's new garb, and I had to spend the whole festival in my old maroon stripe dress!  

More about the Horncastle Regency Festival in the next post.  ;-)