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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Regency Bonnet For Me & Trousers For Him

It looks like I won't have time to make a new dress, after all.  Oh well, at least I will have a new bonnet, if nothing else.  

The inspiration came from a couple of fashion plates from Costume Parisien (1806 and 1807)... 

I just loved the diagonal detailing, and decided that I would like to have a go at making something similar.  

I began by working out the brim shape with paper, then transferring it to pelmet stiffener (what did they use for rigid bonnet brims in those days?), and from that to the fabric.  Then I started adding the rows of cording...  

So far into the diagonals, I realised that I would have problems getting the cording into the corner.  So I began again, starting with the diagonals this time...  

When I had finished this, I realised that I needn't have started again...if only I had put in the first diagonal rows in the right hand corner.  DOH!  

Oh and learn!  

The next part gave me another headache, as the rows of piping had shrunk the design a bit, so I had to pin, re-pin, and generally keep jiggling it about to fit the stiffened brim...which I eventually managed...  
The back is on, and now all that remains in to add the lining, and edge with lace.

At the moment I am working on Robert's trousers, and as this involves lots of bits of fabric, in lots of different shapes, having to fit together in different ways, I have now developed brain-ache!!
To be honest, I think it's just me and written instructions!!

Anyway...back to slaving over a hot needle.  Watch this space for the next update in the countdown to the Jane Austen Festival 2011!