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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Forthcoming Etsy Shop

The decision to look into setting up an e-bay account to sell my bonnets, led me to spending an afternoon perusing similar wares.  

I'm afraid I was a little disappointed with what I found, and the prices charged, and said as much on Facebook.

Then a friend suggested I check out Etsy, which I did, and I was please with what I saw there...quality items at decent prices.

Well, I have now registered and am in the process of setting up my own Etsy shop to sell my Regency/Empire bonnets, as well as my Victorian watch this space (as they say)...


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Green Corded Bonnet

Having made a cream spot corded bonnet which presented me with one or two little problems, like realising that a Victorian Lincolnshire sunbonnet and a Regency corded bonnet are constructed in different ways, I thought that this time I would get it right.  Wrong!

The back of a sunbonnet is made of a horseshoe-shaped piece of fabric, whereas the backs of the Regency bonnets all appear to be round, but with various designs from puffs to gathers.
The first mistake I made was to cord the crown fabric the same way I would for a sunbonnet, which left me with no alternative but to make a horseshoe-shaped back piece.  

Now I had to find a way to disguise this...but how?  Then I hit upon the idea of making a round corded piece to sew onto the back, but abandoned this because it looked so wrong.

Whilst browsing some books looking for ideas for something else, I noticed the use of puffed lengths of fabric used as trimmings on gowns and bonnets.  That was the very thing I was looking for!  

Here is the end result...what do you think?