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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Another (Quickish) Catch-up!

Oh much for blogging more often!  Here we are in the middle of March already, and I haven't got past last September!!  We have been fairly busy, as we have more going on this year...more of that later though.  

After the Jane Austen Festival, we were in Greenford for Robert's annual school reunion...

We had a grand evening, at the Bridge Hotel, generally catching up, chatting, making plans for future get-togethers, etc.  I quite enjoy hearing about Robert's school days, and the mischief he got up to!  ;-) what did we do??  In December Robert and I went up to the Christmas Market to meet up with Scott and Jo, and a goup of their steampunk friends, but we were a bit late arriving at thee pub, Widow Cullen's Well, so we started to follow the flow of visitors hoping to bump into them.  Robert phoned Scott to find out where they were, and we finally caught up with them at the Lawn.  What a lovely idea, to dress in Victorian costumes to wander round the market...sadly, I didn't get any photos of them.    

A visit to my mum, followed by a quick drink at the pub.  New Year, we went down to Trowbridge for a few days.  Robert's mum had been staying with his sister, so he went to pick her up, then back here for a quick cuppa and bite to eat before we all set off.  Trowbridge also means a trip to Fabric Magic to spend some pennies on fabrics that I cannot find here, in Lincoln

Several years ago, I saw some pictures of an American steampunk convention, and fell in love with the costumes...the combination of Victorian, sci-fi, fantasy, and the general artistic inventiveness of the whole look, and wished that something like that would take off here, too.  Well, we have found out that it has!  Woo hoo!
Steampunk ladies
It just so happens that Scott and Jo, who we met in Bath at the Jane Austen Festival, are also into steampunk, and they told us about their weekly and monthly meets at a couple of Lincoln pubs.  They also told us about one of the biggest steampunk events in this country, and it takes place right on our very doorstep, no less.  It is called The Asylum, and takes place at the Lawn (which used to be an asylum...hence the name), and the castle
That was also in September...we will be going this year!!

Here are some photos of our evenings out...
Stuart, Jo, Scott, and Dene

Hat stack
A Steampunk Saturday in Hull
Dene and Robert at the Jolly Brewer
Robert has been looking quite splendid, as he has some lovely waistcoats, he now has two top hats (one of them is red), and a bowler hat, and two pairs of goggles to adorn them with.  I'm afraid I don't have any suitable outfits yet, but I have lots of plans and ideas...which will have to wait until after the Horncastle Regency Festival,,,but more of that in another blog!   

Well, I think that just about brings everything up to date (again!!), so until the next post...and I have plenty to write about now, so I really, really must make more of an effort!!  

Future posts will include my costume-making adventures for the forthcoming Horncastle Regency Festival, my loft-rummaging adventures, and anything else that I might feel like writing until next time...toodle pip!