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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Here's Some I Started Earlier...

Whilst sorting out my sunbonnets, I kept ignoring a green carrier bag that contained projects that I'd made a start on but never completed.
The Green Bag

Today I actually inspected the contents and realised that there were two North Yorkshire bonnets half done, an unpiped soft bonnet, and a piece of striped coffee-coloured fabric that had piping and tucks sewn in, but not in any sunbonnet style.  
The partially made bonnets

This I put to one side.  The red soft bonnet has all it pieces constructed, and all I need to do is put it all together...
Red uncorded bonnet
Also with the red bonnet was another piece of fabric that had a brim corded and nothing more...I will have to decide what to do with that one, later.

The two North Yorkshire bonnets have had their brims corded, and are cut to the basic shape...these will need lining and gathering tape, as well as ribbon ties and perhaps a bow to finish them off...

Looking at what I have here, I notice that some of them do not have enough fabric available to make the ribbon ties, so I will definitely have to get creative in order to finish them!

For sunbonnets, I have fabric flower print, apple print, and strawberry print...almost makes me want to have a cream tea among the flowers, butterflies and bees in the garden (if I had one!)
Flowers, apples, and strawberries

Finally, the coffee stripe fabric that I put to one side.  Inspiration suddenly came to me...another Empire/Regency bonnet...a confection of coffee and cream with ribbon and lace added (now I'm thinking of gateaux!!)  I think this will be the next bonnet, before I start on either the green or white ones!!

Opening an Etsy shop to sell the odd creation seems to be growing into something more...I wonder where it will lead me...?



  1. The blue North Yorkshire bonnet is in the apple print too, so all I have to do is use the white apple fabric to make the ribbon ties, and a pleated frill for over the top!

    The white one with a small print has what looks like a tea stain...oops! I will try to soak this out, and if successful, will simply use plain white for the ribbon ties and pleated frill.


  2. Had you followed the 'finish what you start' then you would not have had the wonderment and surprise of that little green bag and its contents. Enough there to keep you out of mischief for a while isn't there.

  3. Me and mischief in the same sentence, Anne??? LOL!

    That is so true...many of the creative bloggers have written about their long-lost projects that were started then put aside, only to be re-discovered and completed with new enthusiasm and vision. All part of the fun!

  4. You are, of course, aware that Simon and I are still waiting for our bonnets.

  5. Sorry Chip...I'll see what I can do for you both...(thinking cap on...!)

  6. Very nice green bag ;) lol... lovely bonnets...just visualising Wolfie in'll need to allow for the ears sticking up... ;)

  7. It is a nice green bag, isn't it...Marks & Spencer...quality!! Notice that it says British Made...

  8. Anyway, I have now bought a metre of poly/cotton to go with the pale beige/coffee-coloured bonnet that I'd started...whenever it was...and two lengths of ribbon, so all I need now is some lace.