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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Yet Another Catch-up!!

Well, as I said last much for keeping up to date with blogging!

Now I have got to tell you about the Horncastle Regency Festival, a Frenchy and the Punk gig, the Victorian Weekend at the castle with the 3rd Foot and Mouth, the Festival of History at the castle, the Asylum, the Jane Austen Festival, and the Louth Victorian Market.

Events to look forward to are the Christmas Market, the Lincoln Steampunk Christmas meal at Widow Cullen's Well, and Steampunk at the Seaside in March. 

As you all know, the beginning of this year was pretty damp and miserable, and we were fearing the worst as May approached.  I was mad sewing woman again, as I attempted to make Robert a new shirt, neckcloth and waistcoat.
New shirt and waistcoat


Robert's pompous look

A ballgown for myself never got finished, as I took so long over Robert's new garb, and I had to spend the whole festival in my old maroon stripe dress!  

More about the Horncastle Regency Festival in the next post.  ;-)

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  1. Robert looks very dashing in his fine clothing!!