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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

All Quiet On The Western Front...

...and the eastern, northern and southern...!
What I'm saying is...there's nothing of interest to report!!
My blogging head seems to have been lost in the clutter of the library, because I have had my sewing head on for most of this year...apart from the costumes for the Jane Austen Festival in Bath in September, I haven't really been that productive. This has been due to one thing or another, which has resulted in a lot of frustration!!
Fabrics, patterns and other necessary materials are to hand for a couple of new costume projects, but I want to finish the bonnets that I have started first Besides, I will need the room to lay out the fabrics and paper patterns, but the floorspace in the living-room is currently taken up with a huge dinosaur of a TV and a very large cardboard box (that the new widescreen TV came in!) It looks as though the room is divided into two columns!!
The snow and ice are still with us...we are now into the third week...and apart from a bit of rain yesterday, that managed to slush it up a bit, it does not look like it has melted any more...and there is more snow forecast for later this week! Oh joy!!!
That's all for now, folks...maybe I will get around to writing another blog next year...who knows!


  1. It must be warmer than I thought...have just looked out of the kitchen window, and half the carpark has defrosted, and the frozen snow on the wall has almost gone. Hopefully the footpaths will be safer today!

  2. Here, bobbing about just above the top of our Septred Isle, the weathers quite mild. Alas I think more is on the way and this is just temporary - dash out now while you can Sandi and stock up on fabric and patterns to see you through the winter. If you could think of something to turn the enormous box into, you'd be laughing.

  3. LOL! We will be keeping a weather eye on the weather, Sandy, as we are supposed to be going to Robert's mum's in Wiltshire on Christmas Eve, once I finish work!
    Hope you get home safe and well for Christmas, pemitting??

  4. Greetings from underneath the huge snowdrift Wolfie is currently residing under! Roll on Jane Austen Festiva and costume wearing times again as this should mean summer is on its way back :) You are probably doing better than Wolfie on the blogging front right'd think I could produce something between W/P and Blogger wouldn't you? lol...we shall see...maybe over here....probably safer than risking putting wolfie paw in mouth again over on W/P! We were struck by blizzard conditions again yesterday...hope the same didn't go for you or are you already buried under your own snowdrifts? Take care and stay safe :)

  5. Lovely to catch up with you Sandi! I hope you have a really great Christmas and New Year :) xx

  6. Thanks guys...Christmas and New Year are now out of the way (thank goodness!) We went to Trowbridge for Christmas, which made a lovely change...and the snow remained until just after Boxing Day, when it suddenly thawed out and disappeared. The severe weather warning for the East Midlands came to nothing after all.

    Now I am clear of Festive Season mind-clutter, I can concentrate of all things costume and history. Time to plan a new blog!!

  7. Whaddya know!! I have just found out that I can use both accounts to write comments that link directly to both blogs...if you know what I mean!! I used my WP profile to post that comment, and when I clicked on the 'picture' it took me straight to my WP blog!
    You learn something new every day!!!

  8. Please show us some pictures of your sewing.

  9. Very interesting blog, I enjoyed what you had to say:)

  10. Have written a quick blog about our quest to get to the Jane Austen Festival, last September...but had problems getting it to post!
    Will try again shortly.